[Spread-users] [info] a change in events.c to use /dev/poll on solaris 8

원태환 weon at digitalwave.co.kr
Sat Dec 21 02:02:01 EST 2002


I changed spread-3.17 to run on 64-bit solaris 8 with **/dev/poll**.
Most of changes were made in events.c/session.c

As a result, I got the following pros/cons:
	pros) performance benefits : about 30% or higher performance up
		in terms of msg/sec. (As a test tool, I used spflooder/my own echo tool)
		When I started this work, I expected to lower cpu load with the same
		traffic value.
	cons) Loss of benefits of event priority 
		But, I think if I put more time in the modification, I would be
		able to handle it. ;-)

This result comes only from solaris 8, not for every other platform.

I have one question. Is there any relationship between # of user messages and
# of token-related messages ?
I think if LAN is very clean, it's possible to reduce the token-related messages.

The reason I don't attach my change to this mail, I don't want to confuse
spread-users and some part of works was not completed yet.
Anyway, I hope to this experiment is useful to spread-users.

Tawan Won

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