[Spread-users] large # of small messages transmission using spread

원태환 weon at digitalwave.co.kr
Wed Dec 4 01:13:05 EST 2002

We are using spread to send large # of small messages under 512B.
Total # of messages per hour would be more than 5,000,000 msgs.

spread configuration is:
	one spread server: sun nettra t120(2x450Mhz) with 1Gbps ethernet
	two spread clients: sun machine (1 x 450Mhz) with 1Gbps ethernet
	transmission mode: reliable delivery mode using TCP as a transport
In our experiment, we found that the spread daemon on the server machine 
eated upto 80% of CPU resource. :-(
So, I looked at the spread daemon source and found that the main loop is select.
I tried to make a small change spread daemon to work in multi-thread mode.
But its performance went down...

My idea for such a application is
	(1) multiple spread daemons on the same server machine 
		for traffic partitioning (for shorter delay)
	(2) any idea from some smart guy :-)

Any help/comments would be **highly** appreciated!

Thanks in adv.


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