[Spread-users] RPM package and some questions

Juan Carlos CORUÑA jcoruna at ibdosnorte.com
Tue Aug 20 10:21:26 EDT 2002

Hi all!

I'm trying to compile a RPM package, but I still have problems writing a
script to start and stop spread.
Has anybody compiled a RPM package yet? Can you mail me a copy?

Another question is about the user/group you run spread. What is the
recommendation? Do you create a system user/group called spread? How do
you run spread? Maybe "su -c spread spread"? And the redirection of the

Juan Carlos Coruña

jcoruna at ibdosnorte.com


Corporación Tecnológica IBdos Norte, S.A.

C/Ibáñez de Bilbao 28-4ºB (Edif. Mapfre)

48009-Bilbao (SPAIN)

Tlf.: 94-6613030

Fax: 94-4238752

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