[Spread-users] how to tune spread?

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Aug 8 09:51:34 EDT 2002

Jan> hello list,

Jan> again we did some tests with "out-of-the-box" spread-src-3.16.2 
Jan> and we are still having a "substantial decrease" of performance.

Jan> is that decrease a regular behavior of spread?
Jan> or is it possible to tune spread's performace in a 1-sender-n-receiver scenario?
Jan> and if so, how can we do it?
As I e-mailed before, your decrease is substantial and it appears you
have another problem there. Are your receivers - each running on a
different machine or all of them on the same machine?
Are your client program connected to Spread using IPC or TCP?

If you have a different machine for each receiver then discard the
sender machine and use one of the equal receivers machines for the
sender and see if it works better.

I am away now but when I am back I will run this experiment on our
CNDS lab network. From my memory there should be almost no decrease if
your experiment is set correctly and your hardware does not loose
unnecessary messages on some of the machines.

Also 43Mbits/sec is a very low number assuming you are using fast
Jan> regards, jan

Jan> 1.000 messages each 100.000 Bytes ..i now, we should send smaller messages ;)

sender ->> receiver1
Jan>  17648ms (43.23 Mbps) 
Jan>  17705ms (43.90 Mbps)
Jan>  17629ms (43.27 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2
Jan>  26115ms (29.21 Mbps)
Jan>  26632ms (28.64 Mbps)
Jan>  27027ms (28.22 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3
Jan>  31333ms (24.34 Mbps)
Jan>  31686ms (24.70 Mbps)
Jan>  32121ms (23.75 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3, receiver4
Jan>  32949ms (23.15 Mbps)
Jan>  32966ms (23.14 Mbps)
Jan>  33569ms (22.72 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3, receiver4, receiver5 
Jan>  33985ms (22.44 Mbps)
Jan>  33154ms (23.10 Mbps)
Jan>  33920ms (22.49 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3, receiver4, receiver5, receiver6
Jan>  35794ms (21.31 Mbps)
Jan>  34178ms (22.32 Mbps)
Jan>  34425ms (22.16 Mbps) 

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3, receiver4, receiver5, receiver6, receiver7
Jan>  40497ms (18.83 Mbps)
Jan>  40431ms (18.87 Mbps)
Jan>  40212ms (18.97 Mbps)

sender ->> receiver1, receiver2, receiver3, receiver4, receiver5, receiver6, receiver7, receiver8
Jan>  42126ms (18.11 Mbps)
Jan>  43097ms (17.70 Mbps)
Jan>  40413ms (18.87 Mbps)

Jan> sender   : SUN OS 5.8 - 2x UltraSPARC-II  400MHz - 2024 MB
Jan> receiver : SUN OS 5.8 -    UltraSPARC-IIe 400MHz -  512 MB

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