[Spread-users] Software Bus Architecture Mailing List started

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Sun Aug 4 16:14:15 EDT 2002

I've just set up a Mailman list to discuss software bus architectures.

Please join us if you're interested. My initial ideas involved using 
YAML and Spread together, but discussion could go in any direction.

We're here to discuss making a software bus interconnection scheme 
that works like electronic buses: multiple listeners and/or talkers 
connected together for a common purpose. 

This is a kind of group communication system with formalized kinds of 
messages to support a variety of uses. 

Uses for such a system include: 

* remote procedure calls 
* distributed object systems 
* publish/subscribe 
* stream distribution 

This list is unmoderated and has an open membership. Only members can 
post to the list.

Please see 

to subscribe or visit the archives.

Ned Konz

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