FW: [Spread-users] spread exception

John Schultz jschultz at d-fusion.net
Fri Aug 2 12:56:09 EDT 2002

Just wanted to let the spread list know that we at D-Fusion have also 
run into this problem, and that the client failure gives no information 
about what went wrong.

I don't believe that it is our spread queue is getting overfull -- we 
take a lot of precautions to ensure this doesn't happen (recompiled 
spread to hold up to 10000 msgs per client, have a high priority thread 
always receiving, there aren't that many msgs being produced, etc.).

unfortunately, the problem was rare enough and our app was robust enough 
to handle such failures that we never dug into it to really figure out 
what was going wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a minor 
problem with the Spread Java client implementation.

John Schultz
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Jacob Green wrote:


> Looks familiar huh?  Could it be a spread problem?  Would be 
> interesting to see a log dump from spread when this occurs to see if 
> they are dumping us for holding on to messages, and how many messages we 
> have. 
> I still see this crash on occasion.
> Jacob
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>  Can u pls suggest a solution for this problem?I have just noticed that 
> this happens even after the applet runs for  just an hour or less.Can we 
> know if the connection is actually being closed -the applet gives 
> unexpected results when i tried to reconnect again(showing the same 
> spread exception)
>   Daniel Rall <dlr at collab.net> wrote:
>     jasniya badsha writes:
>      > this happens after the application runs for a long time(8-10
>     hrs).how can we know when to reconnect and what is causing this
>     exception?
>      >
>      > spread.SpreadException: Connection closed while reading header
>      > at
>     spread.SpreadConnection.internal_receive(SpreadConnection.java:1045)
>      > at spread.SpreadConnection.receive(SpreadConnection.java:1018)
>      > at NewsHeadLines$NewsThread.run(NewsHeadLines.java:233)
>     Your client may be receiving messages too slowly. The daemon will
>     eventually disconnect your client, I believe after buffering a certain
>     number of messages (I believe it defaults to 1000).
>     Do you happen to be using SpreadMessage's setObject() and/or
>     getObject() methods? They both are implemented using Java's
>     serialization mechanism, which is fairly slow.
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