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Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
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In this case, do you assume all of the Spread daemons are on the same broadcast segment?
If so, in theory it is possible to create such a Spread daemon. (in fact a previous,
much less sophisticated group comm I built worked like that - but was confined
to one broadcast or multicast domain).

How do you expect Spread daemons to find other daemons on the Internet otherwise?

Now, if broadcasting from outside a segment would work in practice, that could
allow a solution but unfortunately, I have yet to see a segment that allows using
its broadcast address from the outside and all the routers on the way forward it.

Even in that case, you still would need the differet segments addresses in setup
time, but I agree that this is much easier to set up and changes much less frequently.

Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.


	:) Yair.

Tracy Boehrer wrote:

> This is assuming you know all of the addresses that will be used in the future.  In our case, we sell an appliance server that the customer would buy when they need to scale.  The intent is to simply plug the server in, assign it an IP addresses via an LCD panel on the front of the box (or use DHCP), and it self configures the software by locating other servers in the "cluster".  If it were simply that the user had to configure something on the new box this would probably be aaceptable (but not perfect).  But with the current Spread, the user would have to add that IP address to each box, and restart them.  In an environment where shutting down a box means loss of service, it's a big issue.
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> Tracy Boehrer wrote:
>>This question has been asked before, but...  Are there plans, or has anyone come up with a workaround, to support dynamically adding Spread daemons to the segment?  Currently the only way to add/remove is via the conf file.   Our application runs on a headless box, and we desire new machines added to the "cluster" to automatically join the group with no user intervention.
>>Is Spread Concepts still around?  I have sent messages to the contact listed on the web site and have not received a response.
> The simple answer is to add all the addresses you may use in the future
> to the initial config.
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