[Spread-users] Spread message queueing questions

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Thu Apr 25 13:14:33 EDT 2002

"Rob Butler" <rob_butler at hotmail.com> writes:

> Maybe.  Although would there be any benefit to developing a solution
> on top of spread VS developing a solution that would allow non-java
> programs to take advantage of JMS services?  I.E. does JMS allow total
> order message queing?  Or, if it doesn't, then using spread and
> another package on top of it we could make total order queued messages
> a possibility.  If anyone has any idea's of what the advantages of
> developing message queueing on top of spread would be VS using JMS I'd
> love to hear them.
> Using JNI to develop c++ or perl interfaces to a JMS system wouldn't
> be too tough.  Building native c++, or c interfaces (without using
> JNI) would be much more difficult (But I think much more useful too).
> I'm going to look into JMS more and see what is possible using it.
> Thanks everyone.

Hi Rob.  Did you find out anything about how to have Spread/JMS play
nicely together?

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