[Spread-users] Spread python module

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Apr 25 10:29:09 EDT 2002

I agree with this statement of the problem and we will be adding the new
disconnect semantics soon. I just want to make two comments about the
threaded client discusssion.

Is the Python module is linking with libsp or libtsp (the regular or
threadsafe Spread C-library) I'm guessing it is the regular libsp since you
do your own locking.

I can understand just removing the lock which causes the deadlock, but
because the lock removal can cause 'unexplainable' behavior with
connections being reused inappropriately, it seems like a documeted
deadlock is safer (since there is a workaround for the deadlock by using
select) Then when the spread library is fixed, a new release of the Python
module could relax the lock to regain the lost concurrency and negate teh
deadlock possibility. It is certainly your call that just seemed safer to



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