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ademir goulart ademir at univali.br
Tue Apr 23 15:57:27 EDT 2002


I´m using SPREAD  for developing a resource management application.
I would like to have one daemon in each LAN ( in each Campus).
In some places we use subnet of a C class  like  xxx.yyy.zzz.nnn/27 or mask
Spread works fine with subnet? In SPREAD.CONF instead of use broadcast 
...255  we can use broadcast of the subnet?

How can we inform the mask?


Spread_Segment  200.xxx.63.255:4803 {

                 Seplan                 200.xxx.63.226
#net 200.xxx.63.xxx/24

Spread_Segment  200.xxx.49.255:4803 {

                 Neto                200.xxx.49.136
hotel           200.xxx.49.194

#net 200.xxx.49.xxx/27

Thanks in advance.


Ademir Goulart
Coordenador de Produção e Analise do Sistema de Informações Gerenciais
SEPLAN - Secretaria de Planejamento Estratégico e Desenvolvimento
UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajai
Rua Uruguai, 458  Bloco 6  Cep 88302-202  Itajai  SC  Brasil
Fone 55 47 3417569   Fax 55 47 3417617
mailto:ademir at univali.br

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