[Spread-users] Spread python module

Magnus Heino magnus.heino at pleon.sigma.se
Thu Apr 18 08:48:17 EDT 2002

> I suspect you do need the fix. The fix, as I understand it, fixes a
> race condition in the module that occurs when Spread disconnects the
> client. The reason Spread disconnects the client is probably lack of
> flow control at the application that results in a client not reading
> fast enough from Spread and being disconnected.

Well, when this happens, the app has been running for 10 seconds, and 
something like 15-20 messages has been sent...  So not reading fast enogth 
dont seem to be an option here. Seems more to me that the SpreadModule lock 
is set when it shouldnt be...?

> But it does not make much sense to me. Can you verify it it works
> with Python2.2.1, Spread 3.16.1 and SpreadModule1.1?

If fails. Every setup with SpreadModule1.1 fails.


  /Magnus Heino

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