[Spread-users] Spread python module

Magnus Heino magnus.heino at pleon.sigma.se
Thu Apr 18 07:31:50 EDT 2002


I have a multithreaded app written in python that uses spread and the python 
spread module.

Versions this morning were Python2.2, Spread 3.16.1 and SpreadModule1.0

I have now upgraded to Python2.2.1, Spread 3.16.2 and SpreadModule1.1

After the upgrade, multicast locks. Not everytime, but at some places in the 
code. After a revert back to 3.16.1 and SpreadModule 1.0, it works again, so 
its not Python2.2.1 thats causing it. 

Looking at the diff between SpreadModule 1.0 and 1.1, the major difference is 

- Fixed race conditions having to do with disconnects in
  multi-threaded programs.  When one of the errors CONNECTION_CLOSED
  or ILLEGAL_SESSION is received, mark the mbox as closed.  In
  addition, use a lock to serialize access to the disconnected flag.

Is this needed in 3.16.2 too? The SpreadModule is written against 3.16.2rc1


  /Magnus Heino

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