[Spread-users] Spread message queueing questions

Ben Laurie ben at algroup.co.uk
Tue Apr 9 06:06:35 EDT 2002

"Clark C . Evans" wrote:
> So.  Your question, does spread keep messages which a peer has
> missed?  Then answer is no beacuse there isn't a server.
> Although, a very _neat_ feature to add to spread library would
> be a "peer" process which plays the role of "recorder" and
> is only an observer in a given room keeping the message history.
> This recorder could then be queried by a peer who has been
> disconnected for all of the messages that they missed.  I'd like
> such a "recorder process", but it shouldn't be that hard to write.
> The hard part (the synconization and low level messaging stuff)
> is already done... a recorder shouldn't be the show stopper, no?

Splash! does that for a specific problem, which is a masterless distributed
key/value database.


However, there's a _much_ better way to do it, and a library to implement would
be highly cool. It is described in this paper:

"From Total Order to Database Replication", Yair Amir and Ciprian Tutu,



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