[Spread-users] Spread message queueing questions

Rob Butler rob_butler at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 15:14:42 EDT 2002

Hello all,

Does spread perform any "message queueing" for reliable messages similar to 
MQ series?

I.E. if a client goes down, will the server still hold onto messages for 
that client and deliver them when the client comes back up?

If the server should go down, are messages stored to disk so they are 
available when the server is restarted?

How many messages can the server hold for the client, before it will start 
dropping messages for the client?  Does it drop old or new messages?

How many clients can a spread server reasonably support?

If spread is unable to do these things now, will it have these capabilities 
soon? When?

If never, is there another open source message queueing product that has a C 
or C++ API?  I know jbos has a JMS server, but I don't think you can connect 
to it with a native C or C++ client.  A perl and java client interface would 
be a plus.

Basically, looking for something that can do the basics of MQ, but I don't 
want to have to buy MQ.


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