[Spread-users] Spread hanging in logging application

Tom Mornini tmornini at infomania.com
Thu Apr 4 23:13:01 EST 2002

On Thursday, April 4, 2002, at 10:42 AM, Yair Amir wrote:

> The reason this happens rarely only with just a few installation: I 
> think
> this is the case because there is some problematic network component, 
> probably
> a switch. A few years ago we saw a switch (I think it was Altheon but I 
> am not
> sure) that from time to time delayed a message by up to 500 
> milliseconds on a
> local area configuration while having other messages proceed without 
> delays.

Interesting! We have a situation where we have two networks running on 
the same switch. Our system administrator has mentioned that it's the 
only slightly strange thing about our network, and though it's 
completely legal, it's probably not very well tested...

> Tom, would you be willing to test such an experimental daemon?

Yes, of course!

Are you worried about breaking compatibility because people need to run 
multiple versions simulataneously? I suppose that would be critical if 
you were trying to upgrade a large distributed system with zero downtime 
(i.e. one system at a time), but other than that, it seems like a Very 
Bad Idea. :-)

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