[Spread-users] Spread hanging in logging application

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Thu Apr 4 13:24:04 EST 2002

Tom Mornini wrote:
> Has there been any headway made on the Spread hanging bug that we 
> recently reported that seems to be related to long periods of membership 
> stability?
> I heard on this list that 3.16.2 is nearly ready. Does it fix the bug?

This isn't a "bug".  It should hang during long periods of membership 
instability.  What we need to look at here is why you have membership 
instability and how you define membership instability and see if it 
matches Spread's definition.

There are several hardcoded parameters that define how sensitive the 
daemons are to topology hickups or timing issues.  Based on these 
parameters, the Spread daemon may or may not trigger one of these 
network membership events.

If an event like this _does_ happen, it must be handled to preserve the 
correct semantics, so if blocking clients is the measure that needs to 
be taken, the client _should_ be blocked.

You could either have machine problems, network problems, configuration 
problems, or could just be trying to push Spread past its limits. I 
would wager on one or more of the first three being the culprit.

> Is there a bug tracker available online?

Not last time I checked....  bugs? what bugs?

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