[Spread-users] 1225

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Mon Apr 1 16:47:37 EST 2002

George Schlossnagle <george at omniti.com> writes:

>> Guess the problem is that messages are accumulating
>> in spread too fast. This is a good thing BUT is this feature (of kicking
>> off
>> humble, slow clients) something that can be prevented or altered
>> through configuring spread?
> You can configure the maximum backlog at compile time (*cough* soft
> limit *cough*), but ultimately, if you always send faster than you
> recieve, you will fall behind and not be able to keep up.

Is there any plan of introducing such a soft limit?  CollabNet's QA
just hit this 1000 message limit today while excercising some edges
cases on a test box.  Our RPM would make it fairly easy to setup a
compile-time change of a #define, but if someone can recommend a more
forward-looking solution I would be willing to implement it.

                             Thanks, Dan

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