[Spread-users] changing topology, security, and firewalls

Cristina Nita-Rotaru crisn at cs.jhu.edu
Mon Apr 1 09:34:15 EST 2002

> Secondly, I must say that I'm very interested in security
> approaches (esp ones with an open source license).   It
> seems that there are two concerns: (a) secure connections
> between segments, and (b) security within a segment.  From
> what I understand (a) would be a TCP layer connection, where
> (b) is UDP packets.  I suppose the simplest way to cover this
> sort of thing is to use OpenSSL at a layer just above spread
> does this make sense?


You might want to take a look at Secure Spread
Secure Spread is a research project. It provides confidentiality
on top of Spread using key management techniques to achieve
a shared key in a group. The implementation uses OpenSSL.
However, this approach does not protect  the control messages
exchanged by the server, it protects only  client data.

hope this was helpful,

--  Cristina

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