[Spread-users] parser probelm

Kevin Mcdermott kevin.mcdermott at clareon.com
Wed Sep 26 09:21:01 EDT 2001

I just downloaded the source and compiled it myself (I was using the binary
download) and now everything's fine. This was on a Sparc Solaris7 box.


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I tried your configuration and it works just fine for me.

Maybe you have some unprintable chars in your file?


	:) Yair.

Kevin Mcdermott wrote:
> Trying to set up Spread using the default config on one machine:
> Spread_Segment {
>         localhost     
> }
> Gives error:
> ip_init: using file: /etc/spread.access_ip
> Conf_init: using file: /etc/spread.conf
> -------------------------------------------
> Parser error on or before line 0
> Error type; parse error
> Offending token:
> Don't see anything wrong with the config (it's only 3 lines) but since I'm
> new to Spread, wondered if anyone else had seen this.
> Thanks.
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