[Spread-users] Public CVS?

Sean Chittenden sean-cnds-spread-users at chittenden.org
Mon Sep 24 07:14:52 EDT 2001

> > > OK. Maybe I'm not conspiracy minded enough, but I didn't quite follow
> > > this... If you mean that corporate types could use Spread and not give us
> > > credit or notice and lie about it, then yes, they can, they always can,
> > > and my view is that you will never win dealing with cheaters and liars as
> > > they will always be better and it then I want to be. So I want to minimize
> > > their negative impact on me (and CNDS and SC) and spend my time working
> > > with honest people and reputable companies who know that our work together
> > > can be a 'win-win' deal (as the business types and game-theorists say)
> > 
> > Actually, my thoughts weren't along the cheat/steal lines, so much as a
> > corporation not wanting the developers to be privy to what corporations
> > are using their work.
> > 
> > In any case, I've got an account, it took 15min to have it setup and am
> > working away happily with it.  My thoughts on anon CVS are known, but
> > now that I'm far enough along that I need spread working, I caved am now
> > chunking away getting a distributed persistence layer/module/interface
> > working for ruby.  That said, here's a technical question re: spread.
> I trust you are aware of Splash, which would only need a Ruby interface
> to do this?

Eh?  I'm probably not aware... the only three spashes that I know of 

1) something that happens when you jump into water
2) the movie
3) a game of sorts according to freshmeat...

Have a URL?  This sounds intriguing...  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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