[Spread-users] Kerberos and spread...

Cristina Nita-Rotaru crisn at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Sep 19 12:08:39 EDT 2001



> I've heard this project mentioned a few times and have been meaning to
> check it out for quite some time.  Encrypting data increases the size of
> small messages by typically quite a bit.  What encryption algo's are you
> using, or have some folks at CNDS found a way around this?

Secure Spread is currently using Blowfish, which encrypts 64-bit blocks.
It can increase the size of your message if the message size is not a multiple
of 8 bytes.  I don't think that this increase is significant, it depends what do

you mean by a small mesage.

> It's pretty easy to follow once you get over the terminology hump.  Is
> there more information available regarding secure spread? -sc

There are a couple of papers, and also we have released a Secure Spread
version some months ago. All the information and the code are available at

Secure Spread is an ongoing research project so we are interested in any
comments or suggestions.

-- Cristina

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