[Spread-users] Anon cvs, yes, no, etc.

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Sep 18 10:16:54 EDT 2001

Dear friends on the Spread mailing list,

There was a lot of traffic on the list yesterday regarding anon cvs
and actually regarding the way the Spread project is moving along.

Instead of focusing on the particular anon-cvs point, I have decided to post
on the list the much broader vision behind CNDS (and Spread Concepts).
I think that understanding this vision will shed light on some of the issues some
of you were worried about. It can also help those in the community that are interested
to help us advance that vision in ways broader than contributing code. 

>From the Spread download page:
"The information you submit will not be shared and is used only to have some idea of
how many people are downloading Spread and where they are from."

We actually don't care to track those that use cvs with accounts. We care that
others will have to go through the download page to have the chance to get their
info and comments. (They can always input nonsense, but most agree). Anon-cvs defies that. 

Please give me a chance to post our vision e-mail and read it before you react.


        :) Yair.

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