[Spread-users] Public CVS?

Sean Chittenden sean-cnds-spread-users at chittenden.org
Mon Sep 17 18:37:49 EDT 2001

> > > The current CVS server does not allow anonymous access, but anyone
> > > requesting access is granted it. Right now about 8 people internal to
> > > CNDS have accounts and 6 people external to CNDS have accounts. We hashed
> > > out the issue of what type of CVS access to provide about a month ago and
> > > chose not to provide anonymous access for now. We don't plan to change
> > > that in the immediate future unless the situation changes, but want to
> > > keep an open mind as the project and community evolve.
> > 
> > I guess I should go now and check a copy of the source code into anon CVS on
> > sourceforge.
> No one has ever said to me (at least) why they want anonymous cvs and what
> it gives them that they do not have right now. I know a number of projects
> do have anonymous cvs, but even more do not have any cvs at all. 

Strange, I don't know of any other than this one that has made it an 
issue and hasn't granted anon access at the first request... anyway, 
I'll be the asshole corporate agenda antagonist that hopes this isn't 
the reason why you're denying access or are at least regulating it:

As a capitalist, I want to use spread and include its copyright notice
in my product(s), but I don't want you to know that I do because I'd be
hugely ticked if someone decided to change the license again and make it
commercial.  Simple enough.  I'm surprised no-one else has had the balls
to come out and say it, esp given the offline discussions that I've been
involved with.  Spread kicks ass and those that realize the potential of
the academic work are eager to use and promote its use where applicable.  
So there, it's out in the open.  Anonymous CVS is both a blessing for
anonymity for corporate folks (which it isn't because CVS can log anon
access and should make the spread project maintainers happy) and for Joe
Schmoe developer who wants to track the project and submit diffs w/o
jumping through hoops.

Me personally, as a developer and OS contributor, I find that checking
out a copy of a project, making the change I need, then submitting the
patch in 5 minutes is easier than going through some asinine hand shake
where my critical data is jotted down and an account is created.  I like
to impulse programming too, so the delay kills my desire to contribute.


	PS I don't think an SF project is appropriate for this given
that I think it's in the best interests of the users of spread for the
maintainers to put spread on source forge of their own free will.  That 
said, I can volunteer a few boxen to do vendor imports with so that anon 
access is available.

Sean Chittenden

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