[Spread-users] Elvin

Jon Stevens jon at latchkey.com
Fri Sep 14 15:23:04 EDT 2001

on 9/14/01 3:06 AM, "Joshua Goodall" <joshua at roughtrade.net> wrote:

> Given that users of Spread are likely to have a more general interest in
> messaging, I thought I'd share a toolkit that I came across today.
> The Elvin messaging service lives at http://elvin.dstc.edu.au/
> I haven't had time to evaluate it, but it seems highly orthogonal to the
> Spread infrastructure. It supplies tuple-space semantics (think Linda or
> JavaSpaces) on top of arbitary transports. I looked it at briefly and
> thought immediately that the twain could meet.  Unfortunately, the
> download license prohibits commercial use.
> Alternatively, a JINI stack could be built atop Spread :)
> J

It was interesting, when I talked to Yair at ApacheCon in Santa Clara, he
hadn't heard of it before.

Elvin is pretty cool except the license isn't. That is why I changed my
focus to Spread. Elvin has some neat features (like content based routing)
that could be built on top of Spread if someone had the inclination.

Now if only we could get Spread into an anon public CVS tree...


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