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Roy Tromble royt at csds.uidaho.edu
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The only thing that doesn't make sense, then, is why all the other Spread
calls take just the mailbox, and not the private group name.  Is it the case
that when a single application makes multiple connections to Spread, the
mailboxes (and also private names) will have unique numbers, but that Spread
determines which application is making the call, to associate with the


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That is perfectly normal.

The mailbox is just the file descriptor of the tcp (or unix socket)
connection to the Spread daemon. The access to private messages and the
'unique' name for each connection is the 'private group name' that is
returned in a result parameter of the SP_connect call. That name is made up
of the user name you passed to SP_connect and the name of the machine the
daemon is running on. It will always be unique amoung all current
connections to any of the daemons in the system.

Hope this makes sense,


On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 04:03:02PM -0700, Roy Tromble wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Spread with two applications attempting to do group
> communication.  Both apps connect to the Spread daemon (using different
> private names), but they get the same mailbox number: 3.  Is that normal?
> Is it okay?  It seems to me like they should have different numbers (to
> access private messages differently).
> Thanks,
> Roy Tromble
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