[Spread-users] high cpu load (2)

Dirk Vleugels dvl at 2scale.net
Wed Sep 5 05:33:53 EDT 2001


[I found this posting in the www-archive, never received it by email.]

>Just out of curiosity, with your load so low, is your concern about the 
>cpu usage more theoretical than practical?  Is it showing performance 
>problems for you?

Until now: no. But, during Peak hours, the load is MUCH higher (upto
1024 active httpd's).  When spread uses 60% of the cpu handling 300
httpds, this might become a bottleneck (select is O(N) on linux afaik). 

Besides, i would like to use the cpu for other tasks, more servlet
engines for example (these are currently running on a separate cluster).


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