[Spread-users] Spread with FreeBSD help

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Fri Nov 30 20:48:03 EST 2001


Where exactly is the problem? What exactly crashes?
Is the Spread daemon crashes, or is it spreadlogd, or maybe
it is the log server?

8 machines is a fairly small configuration and I would say that
you have about 100 messages/sec which should be no problem for this

I am less familiar with the "400 connections from each web server to each
spreadlogd part". I am not sure this is an accurate description.
Do you have 400 Spread live connections on each of the daemons at
any one point? This should work ok but the number is high.


	:) Yair.

> "Theodore D. Hickman Jr." wrote:
> I need help from someone to get spread with FreeBSD working with mod_log_spread and spreadlogd.
> I have had this working before however it dies all of the time.
> My configuration is:
> 8 web servers running spreadlogd
> 1 log server
> 4 million lines of logs a day.
> 400 connections from each web server to each spreadlogd server
> mod_log_spread custom edits and spreadlogd
> I will pay for any assitance.  I had assistance before but I don't have their name and I need immediate assistance.
> Thank you.
> Theodore D. Hickman Jr.
> Pro Hosters L.L.C.

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