[Spread-users] Spread with FreeBSD help

Theodore D. Hickman Jr. ted.hickman at prohosters.com
Fri Nov 30 12:25:30 EST 2001

I need help from someone to get spread with FreeBSD working with mod_log_spread and spreadlogd.
I have had this working before however it dies all of the time.  

My configuration is:
8 web servers running spreadlogd
1 log server 

4 million lines of logs a day.
400 connections from each web server to each spreadlogd server

mod_log_spread custom edits and spreadlogd 

I will pay for any assitance.  I had assistance before but I don't have their name and I need immediate assistance.
Thank you.

Theodore D. Hickman Jr.
Pro Hosters L.L.C.

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