[Spread-users] Cannot connect: Reject: Quota error message

Tom Mornini tom at quios.net
Mon Nov 19 10:53:10 EST 2001

What does this error message mean?

I cannot find a description of what causes it anywhere that I've looked.

This includes the mailing list archives and the online docs.

I do find the error and it's code here 
but that doesn't explain what the problem is give me any insight at all 
how to fix it.

It is not mentioned at all in the Spread User Guide. It appears to 
in action on page 24 of that document.

Any help would be appreciated. Our application fails after about 36 hours
of runtime with this error code. :-(

I grep'd the code and it appears that this might be caused by too many
sessions. Is that correct? If so, I can't imagine how that would be 
unless the limit is very low.

How long until Spread times out a session if a session does not properly
disconnect. I can certainly imagine this being the culprit at this stage
of our development...

P.S. We just discovered this because 1) This is a brand new application, 
2) 3.16.1rc1 fixed a crashing bug that prevented us from being up for 
long previously. Bravo to Spread team for fixing a serious crasher! :-)

-- Tom Mornini
-- eWingz Systems, Inc.

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