[Spread-users] Secure Spread mess_type

CRISTINA NITA-ROTARU crisn at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Nov 15 13:51:20 EST 2001

Roy Tromble wrote:

> Hi,
> We're using Secure Spread and want to make use of the mess_type field.
> However, it seems that the messages we send are having their mess_types
> altered on the way.  Is this possible?  In particular, we send a message
> with a type of 256 (0x0100), and it arrives with a type of -32765 (0x8003).

Sorry I did not see the message type.

I figure out what's happening.  The mess_type the user was providing is
encrypted/decrypted along with the message data and it looks like there
is a bug in the encryption/decryption functions. I will fix it today.


-- Cristina

> Is there a reason this might be happening?
> Thanks,
> Roy Tromble
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