[Spread-users] Secure Spread mess_type

CRISTINA NITA-ROTARU crisn at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Nov 15 13:21:20 EST 2001

Hi Roy,

some message types are reserved by the Secure Spread library and another
library (Flush).  Can you tell me exactly what was the message type value
you used?

I will add the info about the reserved message types on the documentation.

I suppose that when you received the message  you checked first
that it is a regular message (Is_reg_mess macro) and not other special
message (membership message, transitional message or Flush_Request


-- Cristina

Roy Tromble wrote:

> Hi,
> We're using Secure Spread and want to make use of the mess_type field.
> However, it seems that the messages we send are having their mess_types
> altered on the way.  Is this possible?  In particular, we send a message
> with a type of 256 (0x0100), and it arrives with a type of -32765 (0x8003).
> Is there a reason this might be happening?
> Thanks,
> Roy Tromble
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