[Spread-users] Spread config probs

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Nov 15 10:45:15 EST 2001

The two best sources are the documentation on the www.spread.org website
and this mailing list. There is a Spread Users Guide on the documentation
page of the website that (although it is a tiny bit out of date for a few
details) has an intro chapter discussing how to use Spread.

The basic architecture of Spread is a set of servers (the spread daemon
program) which run on the machines you are planning to use. These daemons
coordinate all the message traffic and provide services like ordered and
reliable multicast, and membership information (telling you who is
currently in each group and thus will receive messages sent to that

Then you use Spread by writing applications that link with the libsp
library (or the java, perl, or python libraries). These applications can
use the interface in the library to multicast messages, receive messages,
join groups, leave groups and connect or disconnect from the servers.

The user.c and flooder.c programs included with the source and binary
distributions provide sample programs that use Spread.

If you have specific problems with getting it running or how to do
something, emailing them to this list is a good way to get an answer.

Hope this helps,


On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 03:22:46PM -0000, neiltanc wrote:
> Hi I would like to start using spread as a message bus to create a device
> agnostic messaging system but I'm a total numpty when it comes to spread.  I
> can't find any newbie sites and have questions/problems already - where can
> I get help?
> Neil

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