[Spread-users] Binding to specific interfaces?

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Mon Nov 12 21:56:57 EST 2001

Yes it does have that ability, but it is somewhat buggy. All of the known
bugs with it are fixed in 3.16.1rc1. 

I wrote some documentation when I developed it and seem to have lost the
document I wrote, so I'll try to add something explaining it.

A very short version is to change your configuration file to be:  

Spread_Segment {
        host1 x.y.q.1 {
                C x.y.z.1
                D x.y.q.1
        host2 x.y.q.2 {
                C x.y.z.2
		D x.y.q.2
	host3 x.y.q.3

which will bind so to accept client connections only on x.y.z.1, x.y.z.2
loopback on host2 and x.y.q.3 and loopback on host3.
It will bind to accept daemon udp packets on the x.y.q.0 network using the
specific interfaces for host 1 and 2 and will bind to INADDR_ANY for host3 

Basically you give a master IP addres which will be used as an identifier
just as before, but if you add a {} delmited list of interface
specifications, Spread will only bind to them instead of INADDR_ANY.

Instead of:

Spread_Segment {
        host1   x.y.z.1
        host2   x.y.z.2
        host3   x.y.z.3
which binds to INADDR_ANY on all three hosts for both client and daemon

I wrote this off memory, so there might be small errors, but it should
give you the idea. Turn on the DebugFlags in the configuration file for
DATA_LINK and SESSION to see exactly how Spread binds.

I would be interested in any comments on how useful this is, or whether
the syntax is good, or bugs you find.


On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 02:19:10PM -0800, Dave Parker wrote:
> I noticed in some older list mail that spread has the ability as of
> 3.16.0 to bind only to network interfaces I specify.  I haven't found
> any documentation as to how to do this though.  Is this in fact
> something that's in spread now? How do I configure this?
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