[Spread-users] Unicast in Secure Spread

Roy Tromble royt at csds.uidaho.edu
Fri Nov 9 20:20:28 EST 2001


I'm wondering if there is a way to simulate "unicast" within Secure Spread.
 I know that Secure Spread uses closed group semantics instead of open
group like regular Spread (where you can send messages to private groups). 
Just as an experiment, we tried sending a message to a private group using
SSP_multicast, thinking maybe Spread would know to just deliver it to one
member, for example.  That seems to cause a segmentation violation, which
gdb says occurs in SSP_scat_multicast, called from SSP_multicast.  So, it
doesn't seem to work.  But I wondered if this might be a bug that was
previously not encountered, and also if there is any other way around this
issue (besides creating a separate, two-member group).


Roy Tromble

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