[Spread-users] New spread-cvs mailing list for CVS commits

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Thu Nov 1 13:33:49 EST 2001

Ben Laurie <ben at algroup.co.uk> writes:

> Jonathan Stanton wrote:
> > 
>> Hi,
>>         I have setup a spread-cvs at lists.spread.org mailing list that
>> receives all the commit messages for commits to the main Spread cvs tree.
>> If you are interested in subscribing you can send a message to
>> spread-cvs-request at lists.spread.org
>> or goto
>> http://lists.spread.org/mailman/listinfo/spread-cvs/
>> The list is receive only, with the only postings being sent by the cvs
>> commit script (they will look like they come from me jonathan at spread.org).
>> Discussion about patches or commits probably can best occur on the
>> spread-users list.
> Set the list's reply-to to spread-users, then (this is what we do with
> Apache).

+1--that's where the discussion happens.

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