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Ding Yiqiang ding_yiqiang at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 10:38:17 EDT 2001

Hi there,

Yes, we can help each other. My requirement is to utilize some group
communication software to make some communicating servers fault-tolarent.

One of the problems is the scaling problem. One solution may involve the
modification of current spread demon code so that it's possible to modify
network configuration dynamically. But I don't know how much work it may
take. Another solution is we set up several fixed number of spread demons.
Then make all servers connect to these demons. But when the number of
servers is getting large, it's still required to add more demons which makes
re-configuration/restart nevitable.

Any comments?


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i read the question that u posted about the scaling thing.
Actually we are facing a similar problem and i think we can help each other
We,a couple of undergraduate students, are implementing the porcupine
architecture related distributed mail server using java and the jhu's
of group comm called spread.
If u have done some work in this area, please reply, because i think we can
exchange some excellent ideas.


Kevin Nash <jalaln at usa.net> wrote:
please suggest a solution to this problem


"Ding Yiqiang" <ding_yiqiang at yahoo.com> wrote:


If more machines are to be added to group communication map, is it required
modify all configuration files and restart all those currently running
If that's the truth, then the cost would be a lot.



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