[Spread-users] Re: help me with sec_spread

Cristina Nita-Rotaru crisn at cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Mar 27 13:17:24 EST 2001

Hi Ding,

I will need to know the order in which you performed the commands
in the two 'user' terminals.

But here is one explanation: the version that you compiled runs 'vanilla
(if you read the READEME file).  That means that the protocol blocks if
try to join/leave/partition/merge, before the key agreement finishes.
The key
agreement finished when evrerybody received the membership message
and you see the key printed.  A new version that solves this problem is
implemented and it will probably be release at the end of April,
beginning of May.

I just repeated your commands and it worked for me, I am using
Let me try with openssl-0.9.5a, but it will help me more if you can tell
the order in
which you performed the commands in the 'user' terminals.

-- Cristina

> User> r ============================
> The key is: 0x00000000000000000000000000000000
> Received REGULAR membership for group aaa with 1 members, where I am
> member 0:
>         #000#pep3
> grp id is -1062731721 985681295 1
> Due to the JOIN of #000#pep3 User>
> User> p
> Polling sais: 344 User> r ============================
> SP_error: (-11) Illegal session was
> supplied Bye. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUTPUT OF USER
> #001#pep3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> User> j aaa User> r ============================Membership occurred
> before ka finished, not handled yet.
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