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Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Sat Mar 24 11:07:26 EST 2001

The Spread deamon (the core component which must run to provide services)
is written in C and so has to be recompiled for each platform. It is quite
portable C though, and with just a few lines of changes has been ported to
a number of platforms.

The library by which applications access the Spread services is provided
for several languages including C, Java, Perl and Ruby. So applications
can be written in any of those languages and use the Spread system.

No special hardware is required, it runs on regular pc's, sun's, etc. No
other software is required besides an OS supporting the basic POSIX
interfaces such as any Unix/Linux or Windows (or now Apple OS/X). 


On Sat, Mar 24, 2001 at 07:19:06AM -0700, Kevin Nash wrote:
> hi,
>  i would like to know the language in which spread has been developed because
> if it has been written in java then i think that it would be platform
> independent.
> secondly what special software and hardware do we require to run it.
> regards
> jalal
> a new user  of spread
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