[Spread-users] Spread version 3.15.2 released

Julien Dufour julien at posse42.net
Fri Mar 23 16:02:22 EST 2001

On vendredi, mars 23, 2001, at 09:21 , Jonathan Stanton wrote:

> I wanted to just put the few bugfixes into 3.15.2. I saw the 
> OSX build and
> I'm planning on including the neccessary changes into 3.16 
> along with some
> other enhancements.
> Since we can't test the OSX build, I'll post the merged 
> patch/changes when
> I've built them so others can test. Thanks,
> Jonathan

I'm going to received my OS X copy tomorrow (I hope). I will 
test the port with it and update it if needed.

Julien Dufour


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