[Spread-users] Darwin/MacOS X port.

Jon Stevens jon at latchkey.com
Thu Mar 8 12:30:45 EST 2001

on 3/8/01 4:07 AM, "Julien Dufour" <julien at posse42.net> wrote:

> I've ported the spread package 3.15.1 on MacOS X. I'm currently using the
> build 2E14 of MacOS X beta (the one of the Tokyo MacWorld) that is based on
> Darwin 1.2. I will make an update when the final version is released if
> needed.

yes! thank you!

i subscribed to this list in the hopes that i would be able to announce that
i was going to do it, but you beat me to it. :-)

i have a newer build of OSX than pb2 (4k33) so i will test your patches on
that as well.

> * "rand48.h", "lrand48.c" and "_rand48.c"
> The "lrand48" function is missing from Darwin standard library, so I added the
> source. I think I got these 3 files "rand48.h", "lrand48.c" and "_rand48.c"
> from the source of FreeBSD, but I'm not sure. They have not been modified.

have you tried doing this:

ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/System.framework/System

That tends to fix a lot of missing library errors. :-) I have the symlinks
pointing to that same System file for:


p.s. my only complaint so far about spread is the build system. gotta get
autoconf/automake in here to do some magic.

jon at apache.org

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