[Spread-users] Spread release 3.15.1

Stephan Seyboth sps at caldera.de
Tue Mar 6 12:01:40 EST 2001

Hi Jonathan,

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 01:56:57PM -0500, Jonathan Stanton wrote:
> A new version of the Spread Wide-Area Group Communication toolkit was 
> released today. 
> Two major changes are involved in this release. First we have moved to a 
> three numeral version number system with Major, Minor, and Patch. This
> has two consequences for backwards compatibility:
> 1) The new spread daemon will work with both old and new client libraries, but
>    clients compiled against the new libraries (3.15.1) will NOT work with 
>    old daemons.
> 2) The SP_version function has had it's interface changed. This breaks source
>    compatibility, but it is a non-essential function and we had to change it 
>    sometime. The fix is very simple.

adapting the source to one or the other is straightforward, but
what is the correct fix to make it work with both versions of
the API? Including spread_params.h and checking SP_*_VERSION
sort of defies the purpous of SP_version, especially since a
binary using the wrong interface will most likely segfault.

The concrete case is spreadlogd-1.4.1 (hi Theo ;). Since we're
linking against the spread libs statically anyway, I used the
attached patch. I'm sure there is a cleaner way to fix this,
though :)
Stephan Seyboth - Developer
Caldera (Deutschland) GmbH
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