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Theodore Hickman ted.hickman at prohosters.com
Tue Jul 24 22:26:13 EDT 2001

    I am using spread, and mod_log_spread with a cluster that does
around 30Mb/s, I am not certain of how many log lines I know it logs
about 1GB a day.  
I am using the mass virtual hosting code.  Something like this:
CustomLog $#vhost common
SpreadDaemon 4804 at
VhostLogHashSize 64
Periodically throughout the day I get several entires saying can't
connect to spread server.
In addition I have found that spreadlogd will not write but one line to
the log files and then segfault.
Can anyone help me?
Is my configuration too big for spread?
Theodore Hickman
Pro Hosters L.L.C.

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