[Spread-users] Production use of spread

David Pellegrini davidp at collab.net
Wed Jul 18 20:32:23 EDT 2001

We have been evaluating messaging technologies for use in our system, and
really like spread based on its technical merits.  However, I need to give
reassurances to my management that spread is more than a research marvel,
but that we can rely on spread in demanding production usage.  So, I would
_really_ appreciate "customer testimonials" from people who are using spread
in production.  Emphasis on reliability, maintainability, and other good
"business reasons" for using spread will all help bolster my case.  Please
respond to me privately (unless of course you feel that everyone on the list
would be interested).

Thanks so much for your help.


David Pellegrini, Principal Engineer [davidp at collab.net  Ph: 650-228-2523]
CollabNet  8000 Marina Parkway, Suite 600, Brisbane, CA 94005

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