[Spread-users] spread Abort after some seconds of successful runtime

Neil Mansilla neil at whatUseek.com
Fri Jul 13 09:00:41 EDT 2001

> Here is a solution.
> http://lists.spread.org/pipermail/spread-users/2001-July/000108.html

After I patched it, I wasx getting this error during compile:

session.c: In function `Sess_accept_continue':
session.c:671: nondigits in number and not hexadecimal
make: *** [session.o] Error 1


Line 671, post patch, reads:

E_attach_fd( Sessions[sess_location].mbox, EXCEPT_FD, Sess_recv_client_auth, 0n, NULL, LOW_PRIORITY );


Yair, should that "0n, NULL" be "0, NULL" instead?  I did make the
change, just modeling line 670, and it did seem to compile
fine.  Unfortunately, my lack of cleverness and time keeps me from knowing
if this is the correct.


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