[Spread-users] New spread libraries and documentation

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Feb 13 20:10:06 EST 2001


	I would like to announce some new resources on the spread.org
website. We havn't had any changes in awhile, but things should get more
dynamic this spring.

First, a new book about Spread has been made available on our website.
This is currently a preliminary version of what I call 
"The Spread Users Guide" which includes everything someone needs to know  
to use Spread either as an administrator or programmer. I am calling this
a draft version 0.1, although it has a lot of stuff in it already, because
it is not finished and will be continually revised. 

I do hope it will be useful to everyone. You can download it at:


Second, thanks to George Schlossnagle, we now have a Spread interface for
the Ruby language. You can download the interface library and find some
more information at George's website


Spread now has library interfaces to C, Java, Perl and Ruby. Thanks to
everyone who helped with these, especially Theo and George.

If you have any questions about Spread or related things, please feel free
to email me.


Jonathan R. Stanton         jonathan at cs.jhu.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   
Johns Hopkins University    

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