[Spread-users] spread crash

Abilio Oliveira abilio.oliveira at inserto.fr
Fri Dec 14 11:37:03 EST 2001

    Hi all:

    I'm using spread 3.16.0 and after running during two hours (and sometimes
more than six or ten hours), with one sender spflooder under Linux Slackware and
a receiver Flooder in java under  a Solaris system, the sender system fall down.
The message is:

Membership id is ( -1408237526,1008232739)
Configuration at Chatelet is:
Num Segments 2
        0     4803
        2    4803
Num of groups: 1
[1] #Flooder#InsertoManage
spread: memory.c:608: dispose: Assertion `Mem_valid_objtype(obj_type)' failed.

Does anyone any one have any idea about this problem?
By advance thanks for your responses. @bilio.

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