[Spread-users] Spread 3.16.1 ETA

Jon Stevens jon at latchkey.com
Tue Aug 21 22:28:43 EDT 2001

on 8/17/01 1:25 PM, "Daniel Rall" <dlr at finemaltcoding.com> wrote:

> p.s. The pain developers must go through when lacking immediate access
> to the one place which has the latest version of the source code (such
> as that C patch) is a good example of why providing anonymous CVS
> access is crucial for running a successful open source project.

This has been asked numerous times now with no response. I wonder if forking
the project is needed?

Back in early Apache JServ days, I couldn't get the project lead to check
the files into a public CVS tree, so I did it myself and made it available
to anyone who wanted access.

This kept the project from dying and actually gave it strength because
everyone started using the CVS server that I had.

This seems like it should be a last resort, but come on...it is trivial to
setup a CVS server and/or host it on a site like Tigris.org...or even (god
forbid) SourceForget...



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