[Spread-users] Spread shutdown

Daniel Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Fri Aug 17 12:28:21 EDT 2001

Is there commandline control of the operation of Spread (3.16.0)
(i.e. the only way I know to shutdown is option 8 on the spmonitor
menu)?  I'm looking for something like apachectl, where I can just say
`apachectl graceful` or `apachectl stop` from the commandline to get
what I want.

dlr at daedalus:dlr$ apachectl --help
apachectl (start|stop|restart|fullstatus|status|graceful|configtest|help)

start      - start httpd
stop       - stop httpd
restart    - restart httpd if running by sending a SIGHUP or start if 
             not running
fullstatus - dump a full status screen; requires lynx and mod_status enabled
status     - dump a short status screen; requires lynx and mod_status enabled
graceful   - do a graceful restart by sending a SIGWINCH or start if not runningconfigtest - do a configuration syntax test
help       - this screen

Also, if no such tool exists, I may end up authoring a preliminary
version of such.  If it comes to that, is the above format reasonable,
and should the tool be packaged as part of the spread binary or as a
separate tool (i.e. spreadctl)?  This would make scripting Spread
operation much easier.

                             Daniel Rall

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