[Spread-users] Optimal message size.

Theo E. Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Thu Aug 9 19:26:33 EDT 2001

I am writing an application that multicasts data messages that are of 
substantial size -- meaning there are at least one order of magnitude larger 
that the Ethernet MTU I am riding on.

The nature of my application will allow me to split them up into chucks of any 
size.  And I would much rather the memory footprint of my app to increase as 
opposed to Spread's.

So, since I can choose exactly how my message gets chopped up before I send it 
to Spread, what is the optimal size for the data buffer passed to 
"SP_multicast()" assuming 1 group and assuming n groups?


Theo Schlossnagle
1024D/82844984/95FD 30F1 489E 4613 F22E  491A 7E88 364C 8284 4984
2047R/33131B65/71 F7 95 64 49 76 5D BA  3D 90 B9 9F BE 27 24 E7

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