[Spread-users] Persistence

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Aug 1 08:30:13 EDT 2001


This is a very good question.

Spread is a networking mechanism (look at it as a reliable udp with very 
big messages that can be directed to groups). So, no. Spread does not copy 
things to disk.

One can develop another package on top of Spread that will provide the 
persistency semantics that you are talking about, but will have to know
in advance who are all of the members of that "persistent" group.
The Spread membership service helps a lot in achieving that. If you
are interested in something like that - look at the following paper.
(that is actually providing a much stronger service):


	:) Yair.

Anders Gertz wrote:
> Does Spread guarantee delivery of messages even in the event of daemon
> crashes?
> Eg. if some message has been delivered to only some of all group
> members and all computers with Spread daemons then stop (due to a
> power outage), will the message then be delivered to the rest of the
> members when everything comes up again?
> I suppose this would require Spread to save all messages on some
> file-based database until messages have been delivered to all members.
> /Anders
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